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Thick wall cold-drawn seamless steel pipe

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Thick wall cold-drawn seamless steel pipe is used for mechanical structure, hydraulic equipment with high dimensional accuracy and good surface finish.Choosing thick wall cold-drawn seamless steel pipe to manufacture mechanical structure or hydraulic equipment can greatly save machining time, improve material utilization rate and improve product quality.For smaller and better quality seamless pipes, cold rolling, cold drawing, or a combination of the two must be used.Cold rolling is usually carried out on a two-high mill in which the steel pipe is rolled in an annular groove consisting of a variable section circular hole and a fixed cone head.Cold drawing is usually carried out on 0.5 ~ 100T single chain or double chain cold drawing machine.High quality carbon structural steel cold dial seamless pipe, mainly with 10#, 20#, 35#, 45# steel manufacturing, in addition to ensure the chemical composition and mechanical properties to do hydraulic test, flanging, flaring, flattening and other tests.The main feature of common thick wall cold-drawn seamless steel pipe is that there is no welding joint and it can withstand great pressure.The product can be very rough cast or cold pick.The dense and thick wall cold-drawn seamless steel pipe is a new product in recent years.Features of cold drawn (rolled) precision steel pipes: 1. Smaller outside diameter.3. Cold drawing (rolling) products have high precision and good surface quality.4. The cross area of steel pipe is more complicated.5. The steel pipe has better performance and the metal is relatively dense.

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