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the large caliber fluid seamless steel pipe

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At present, the large caliber fluid seamless steel pipes, the main production process for hot rolling of the large caliber fluid seamless steel pipe and thermal expansion diameter seamless steel pipe, fluid of large diameter seamless steel pipe of heat expansion fluid can produce the national standard size seamless steel pipe, thermal expansion of seamless pipe is we often say that the heat expansion pipe, the density is low but the contraction strong steel pipe with skew rolling or drawing method to expand a waste pipe finishing process with the pipe diameter.In a relatively short period of time to make steel pipe enlargement, can produce non-standard, special types of seamless pipe, and low cost, high production efficiency, is the international trend of development in the field of pipe rolling, according to the different production methods can be divided into hot rolling pipe, cold rolled, cold drawn pipes, extruded pipe, etc., hot-rolled seamless pipe production on automatic pipe rolling unit commonly, solid billet through inspection and clear surface defects cut into the required length, centering on the pipe billet perforation end face, and then sent to a heating furnace, punched on the punch, the perforated revolve and progress at the same time, under the action of roll and head, pipe billet internal gradually formed cavity capillary,Then it is sent to the automatic pipe rolling machine for further rolling. Finally, the wall thickness of the whole machine is uniform and the diameter is determined by the sizing machine to meet the requirements of specifications. It is an advanced method to produce large caliber fluid seamless steel pipe with continuous pipe rolling unit.

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