President Oration

President Oration

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Letter to New Employees:

When you enter the company, we are lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with you.We will spend an unforgotten time together in the company on the basis of mutual trust and mutual understanding.Understanding and trust is the bridge and link of our harmonious struggle.

Our company is an enterprise which sell high quality steel, a private enterprise which focusing on the whole country and the whole world.I believe that in the future, we will enter the ranks of outstanding private enterprises in China, and occupy an important position in the national steel industry.We require all the staff must adhere to the unity and cooperation, keep collective struggle.Without such a platform, your talent will be hard to use and achieve.Therefore, those people who are not good at cooperation, have no sense of responsibility and cannot work together will lose the opportunity to make progress in our company. In that way, you will waste your precious time. It is better to re-decide your choice in the probation period.

Be a part of our company doesn’t mean you will get well-paid, your treatment is determined by your contribution and responsibility. As new employees, we feel very sorry because you will not have too much promotion in the beginning, but if you open your mind, and you are good at absorbing others' experience, good at cooperating with others, also good at borrowing basis that other people provide for you, you will make progress quickly;If you close yourself off and worry about drowning your work, you'll delay it for so long that your work won't mean anything.

Opportunity always favors the down-to-earth worker.Do you want to be an expert?All the experts start from the grassroots level. After entering the company for a week, any degree and the status obtained outside the company have disappeared. Everything is positioned according to practical ability, which has been deeply rooted in the company and accepted by all the staff .You need to start from the grassroots, lay a good foundation and show your talent from the grassroots work.The company will never promote anybody to a senior management job without grassroots experience.Everyone needs to follow the principle of gradual and orderly progress.Every step and every step has great meaning for your life. Don't waste your time.

I hope you lose the illusion of quick success and learn the down-to-earth from Korean and preciseness form German.If you want to improve efficiency and remuneration, you can only succeed when you focus on a limited work area. Practice makes perfect.In modern society, with the rapid development of science, it is very difficult to master a certain technology. If you want to do everything, it means you are not proficient in anything.You should be very serious about any work in hand, try to drill into, gradually accumulate your records,then you will start to interest with your work.There is a famous saying:A company without a record is bound to fail sooner or later.It’s also useful for everyone.

You should bring forward your suggestions and opinions systematically and analytically in the company.Hasty Suggestions are irresponsible for you and waste the time of others, especially the new employees. We should analyze the actual situation in depth, find the problems in the work,find solutions, and solicit the opinions from the old staffs. We should do it in a down-to-earth way, step by step, instead of grandstanding.

Practice has transformed man and created a generation. It has fully tested your talents and knowledge.You can make progress only when your shortcomings are constantly exposed.Practice more is especially important for young people.Only after practice to summarize the theory, we can have a leap of improvement, to bring up a group talents of diligent successful, with real hands-on ability, management ability cadres.

You may sometimes feel that the company is not really fair and just.There is no such thing as absolute fairness so you can't expect too much of it.But the opportunity is always equal for every hard worker, as long as you work hard, your supervisor will pay attention to you.

The various systems and management of our company, some may have a certain degree of unreasonable, we will continue to modify to make it more reasonable and perfect, but before the formal modification, you must strictly obey the rules and regulations.Respect your leader, even if you are capable, or your subordinates will not respect you in the future.All personnel of the company shall be free from corruption.Be strict with yourself and generous to others;Adhere to the truth, good at using criticism and self-criticism to Improve yourself and help others, as an ordinary employee,you need to learn to do things, as a senior cadre you also need to learn to be a good person who have a high sense of responsibility.

Progress in the company mainly depends on your work performance, closely related to your technical level. It is inconceivable that there are no high-quality employees in a highly automated enterprise.The company will have the opportunity to organize various education and training activities, hoping to help you to improve yourself. You can arrange some leisure activities in the spare time, but you still need to make a plan for study.Do not engage in improper recreational activities, absolutely prohibit playing mahjong and other wild-minding activities.The company provides you with some basic life services, which may not be detailed enough to meet your requirements, for which we apologize.At the same time we also hope you can cherish resources, develop a good habit of saving.In order for you to become a noble and respected person, we hope you be self-discipline.

Development is the eternal theme of existence.We will consistently oppose corruption among senior and middle level officials in the company and the slackness of staff.You are difficult to get full development in the company if the company have these disadvantages; The company will stagnate without clearing these deposits.With the rapid development of the company, we are in urgent need of cadres. We hope that you can accelerate the absorption of advanced technology and excellent management experience at home and abroad, speed up the training, and strive our company to be the perfect enterprise.