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  • wide opening spiral pipe

    Wide opening spiral pipe is also called wide opening spiral steel pipe or wide opening spiral welded pipe. It is made by rolling the steel strip of low carbon structural steel or low alloy struct...

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  • The thick-walled spiral pipe

    The thick-walled spiral pipe refers to the spiral pipe whose wall thickness is slightly thicker than ordinary spiral pipe.Compared with the ordinary thick - walled helix advantages are: high comp...

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  • The large caliber spiral pipe

    The large caliber spiral pipe is made of strip steel coil as raw material, usually formed by warm extrusion, and welded by automatic double-wire double-side submerged arc welding process. T...

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  • Spiral pipe

    Commonly used standards of the spiral pipe can be divided into: the SY/T5037-2000 (solid, also known as the common fluid conveying pipe with spiral seam submerged arc welding steel pipe),...

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  • ship special spiral steel pipe

    Application fields of ship special spiral steel pipe: 1. Various forms of circulating water systems (civil circulating water and industrial circulating water), ship special spiral steel pip...

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