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Group Overview
Jinjiang Changjiang Steel Group was established in the early 90s of last century, is located has a "Chinese umbrella" reputation Stone Town, Jinjiang City, east. Group registered capital of 200 million yuan, the headquarters is located in Jinjiang City Economic Development Zone (Anton Park), at present, the group headquarters covers an area of 100
Customer Service
Address:Quanzhou development zone
Products Recommend
Galvanized pipe
Precision seamless
Pipe, tube rack
Seamless Steel Tube
Sales Network
Companies based Fujian States, sales network throughout the country, has set up branch offices in Jinjiang, Guangdong, Fuzhou, Xiamen, Longyan, Shanghai, Hong Kong and other places, and will continue to accelerate the pace of development, aggressively expand to the national market, create more Yangtze River Pipe branch!
Group main subsidiaries are:
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